Realm of the Ring

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Realm of the Ring - Adrian Wagner.

The Ring Quest, represented by the three tiers of conflict between the Gods of Heaven and the earthly realm of mankind peopled by the races who inhabit above and below the ground, is a favourite Holy Grail theme with many writers, painters and composers throughout the centuries. My great, great grandfather's largest operatic work 'The Ring Cycle' was amongst the greatest of these to depict this conflict culminating with the enigmatic 'Twilight of the Gods'.

With the music on this album, I have attempted to portray some of the mythical characters of our childhood - the wizards and druids, dwarves, elves and pixies, giants and fairy folk. Some claim that these are the authentic 'Shining Ones' and 'Ring Lords' who have appeared in Celtic history but were, like the female figures of the New Testament, redefined and refashioned when they came into conflict with the oppressive Church State. Using certain allegorical scales, harmonics and rhythmic devices, I have woven together these themes in order to illuminate our understanding of the real 'Lords of the Ring'!

The album culminates with 'Beyond the Portal of the Twilight World', a dramatic interpretation of the treatment given to the Early Christians and, subsequently, by them to the, so called, heretics after they became a part of the Holy Roman Church State. The enlightened heroes of the 'Underground Stream' were brutally put down in Middle Ages throughout the horrendous period of the Inquisition by those in the Church who were responsible for creating fear and the Gothic illusion of witches, werewolves and vampires. The track ends, however, on a positive note of the 'Serenity of the Grail' after a reading by J.R.R.Tolkein of the The Mirror Of Galadriel'. The question for the future is whether we will choose one of enlightenment or continue the awful conflicts which set ourselves against our fellow brothers and sisters, whatever our differing faiths and beliefs, in the name of religious dogma. My faith is that the Grail Spirit will eventually prevail when we, at last, understand that oppression, battle and warfare is not the answer!

Album Track Titles :-

Part One:-
1. Realm of the Ring
(i) Nine Rings - One Ring to Rule them All
(ii) Donation of Constantine
(iii) Church State (part one) - Rise of the Empire
(iv) Sacred Hallows
(v) Warlords of the Sidhé
(vi) Twilight World (part one) - Eternal Quest

2. Shining Ones - Heaven came to Earth (4:26)

3. Ring of the Dwarf Lords (3:38)

4. Tomb of the Rings - Ring Dance (4:34)

5. Tears of Mélusine - Faerie of the Fountain (3:23)


Part Two:-
6. Excalibur - Prepare for Battle
(opening with the poem 'Merlin' written by Robert Calvert, read by Laurence Gardner)

7. Spirit of the Wise Ones - In the Land of Elphame (3:08)

8. Lily and the Rose - Grail of the World (4:14)

9. Faerie Queen - Gloriana (2:37) (Schism in the Elizabethan Church)

10. Beyond the Portal of the Twilight World (15:38 )
(i) Gateway to Enlightenment

(ii) Church State (part two) - Imperial Times
(Opening with pagan Rome's early condemnation of Christians - From the
3rd-century 'Octavius of Marcus Minucius Felix')

(iii) Prince of Darkness - Curse of the Evil Ones

(iv) Hammer of the Witches - Inquisition
(Opening with Christian Rome's persecution of heretics - From the 15th-century 'Malleus Maleficarum'. Ending with J.R.R.Tolkein reading 'The Mirror Of Galadriel' )

(v) Twilight World (part two) - Serenity of the Grail

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