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A double album originally released by Charisma Records in '78/9 concerns the rise and fall of the Inca empire and the emotional and dramatic loss of such a highly developed nation. The Album opens with Fantasy (a wise man who relates the story of the Incas). "As we start to understand the value of this Planet's ecology maybe we will reflect on some of the Inca's works which are still far in advance of our present knowledge. Opening up the old canals and waterways will improve irrigation and turn back the deserts - maybe in that way the Inca spirit will return!!".

Album Track Titles :-

1. Fantasy

2. Where Are We Going?

3. Waterbrook

4. High Seas

5. Love Theme

6. There's Another Summer Coming

7. Machu Picchu

8. Above the Horizon

9. Leaving It All Behind

10. Virgins of the Sun

11. Rain Forest

12. Manco Capac

13. Titicaca

14. Chasquis

15. Building Blocks

16. Sacrifice

17. The Burning Man at the Spanish Steps

18. Eldorado

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