Holy Spirit and the Holy Grail

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What illuminates the Waste Land? - A light for all pilgrims.
Why does the Spear drip with blood? - In token of Sacrifice.
Whom does the Grail serve? - The servants of Creation
What is the Harvest of the Waste Land? - Nourishment for all pilgrims.
(Part of the celebration ritual of the Mass of the Holy Grail.)

In 1982, I started research into the Grail Tradition. My quest started with a fresh, new look at the work of my great, great grandfather, Richard Wagner's opera 'Parsifal'. I had heard that he started writing the Opera at Nanteos House, Aberystwyth - the place where the 'Nanteos Cup' was kept. Many people believe that this 'Welsh Grail' is the very Cup of the Last Supper. My research has always been concerned with the characters involved in the 'Quest for the Holy Grail', who are the archetypes which are contained in mankind's innermost spirit. The treasures that are to be found are in the 'Spirit' of us all. We uncover them every day but most of them go unnoticed through the haze we live in. Meditation provides one of the paths to allow them through. Other ways can be found in the study of literature, art and music - a thread which provides that subtle, feminine aspect we all need if we are looking for our 'souls' to be in balance'. When you are on the 'Quest' and enter the Waste Land, elements are revealed at certain moments, sometimes when you least expect them. Other pilgrims appear on the route at the appropriate time!

There are many symbolic 'leitmotifs' portrayed in this Music, some clues are immediate, whilst others require further listening. Whichever way you choose to approach your own inner quest, whatever your beliefs and religion, choosing carefully your individual paths. I hope that this Music will reflect and be of some comfort along the way.

Adrian Wagner - March 2003.

Album Track Titles:-

1. Opening

2. Et in Arcadia Ego

3.Crucifiction (The Dolorous Blow)

4. Golgotha

5. Underground Stream

6. Joseph of Arimathea

7.Mary Magdalene

8. Grailflight

9.The Cup

10. Suffer the Children

11. Through the Open Door

12. The Waste Land

13.Into the Forest

14.The Holy City

15.The Vision

16.The Temple of the Chalice

17.Bloodline of the Holy Grail

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