Genesis of the Grail

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Genesis of the Grail - Adrian Wagner

From the Old Testament stories and related older accounts, we learn the origins of the Grail and it's symbolism. One of the first of these is the 'Cross within the Circle' or the 'Mark of Cain'. The creation stories, like Genesis, Enuma Elish and The Epic of Gilgamesh, chronicle a visitation by a race of Gods called Anunnaki who had intermingled with the earthly people to create a race which we call Homo Sapiens, as pointed out in the books of Zecharia Sitchin.

This music follows the source of these events with the use of allegorical harmonies, resonances and modes which come out of the musical instruments and artifacts discovered in places from the dawn of the first civilisations like the burial grounds of old Mesopotamia. These 'Gods' introduced the power of music and sound in their Sacred rituals and it is from these that we can find a link into a transcendent realm. Maybe today, we will be able to understand the potential of sound to levitate objects, as described in recent Tibetan rituals. The 'Phoenix and the Fire-Stone' track on this album recreates the first part of this levitation fully described by Henry Kjellson in the 1930s. Much of this music on the album uses scales, harmonics, instrumental tuning and modal forms that were created some 5000 years ago but which were, subsequently, banned by the Church in the Middle Ages.

We are now currently able to examine many hitherto hidden elements in sound and music. We have the opportunity to go behind the veil of these unique elements - not lost, but hidden away somewhere in our subconscious genetic memory - and to reaffirm their value in today's environment. How heartening it is to learn that some of our most advanced scientists are now realising that the previously perceived 'vacuum' of space is actually filled with what they term 'exotic matter', and that some of this vibrational and resonant energy is available for our beneficial use on this planet.


Album Track Titles :-

1. Genesis

2. Great Flood

3. Garden of Eden (The Cloning)

4. Nephilim (The Watchers)

5. Age of Enlightenment

6. Anunnaki

7. Sinai

8. Tree of Knowledge

9. Lilith

10. Heritage of the Wasteland

11. Star Fire

12. Phoenix and the Fire-Stone (Golden Section) Stone Levitation Ritual (Part 1)

13. Progression of the Bloodline

14. Cross within the Circle

15. Genesis of the Grail

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