Gallery of Pop-Art Portrait Prints of A3 Prints
Some of old friends and people who have influence in great contemporary music!

"Welcome to my gallery of Pop-Art Portrait Paintings. There have been many people who have influenced my life's work in music. I have had the privilege of personal experience with many and some I have always wanted to meet up with who have helped in my own artistic destiny. These are just a few of the people I have painted. Enjoy!"

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Robert Calvert Cricket Star 01

Cricket Star
3 years ago, alongside the re-release onto CD of the 'Cricket Star' Single, I painted 5 Pop Art paintings from the set of photographs taken during the photographic session I shot of Robert for the Cover Art of the 'Cricket Star' single released in 1979. Although, all these paintings have been sold, I have now released a Special Limited Edition of prints of these paintings.

Robert Calvert Cricket Star 02

Robert Calvert Cricket Star 03

Robert Calvert Cricket Star 04

Robert Calvert Cricket Star 05

Robert Calvert Paranoid Android 06

Paranoid Android
These are from a set of photographs taken during the photographic session I shot of Robert for the Cover Art of the 'Paranoid Android' single released in 1979 on the Album called 'Disco Dream and the Androids'. I have now released a Special Limited Edition of prints of these covers.

Robert Calvert Paranoid Android 07

Alexis Korner Blues 08

Alexis Korner is probably best remembered as "the Founding Father of British Blues" and a pioneering blues musician. A major influence on the sound of the British music scene in the 1960s, Korner was instrumental in bringing together various English blues musicians. I had the pleasure of playing the Moog on his "Get Off My Cloud" album in 1975.

Arthur Brown's Fire 09

Arthur Brown, born Arthur Wilton in Whitby, Yorkshire on 24 June 1942, is an English rock and roll singer best known for his flamboyant, theatrical style and significant influence on shock-rockers Alice Cooper and Kiss and Brown's number one hit in the UK singles chart "Fire" in 1968. I had the pleasure of working with Arthur on Robert Calvert’s ‘Captain Lockheed and the Starfighter’ Album (The Gremlin and Song of the Gremlin) in 1974.

David Fanshawe 10

David Fanshawe (born 1942 in Devon, England) is an English composer and ethnomusicologist. His work is situated at the crossroads of traditional and modern music. His extraordinary African Sanctus is his best known work. I have worked many times with David Fanshawe, most notably, on his 'Arabian Fantasy' Album and film.

Delia Derbyshire 11

Delia Derbyshire (5 May 1937 - 3 July 2001) was a British musician and composer who was a pioneer of electronic music. She is probably best known for her electronic realisation of Ron Grainer's theme music to the British science fiction television series Doctor Who and for her work with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Delia was a guide and an inspriation to me in all the many years I knew her and I miss her more than I can possibly express. I met her at the age of 18 years and she took me in hand and pointed me at many directions in Electronic Music. She was a true genius and her love and passion infected everyone who knew her. This is a very special painting of her and, I hope, reflects her many dimensions in the prime of her creativity.

Judy Dyble 12

Judy Aileen Dyble (born 13 February 1949 in London) is a British singer, best known as the original vocalist with Fairport Convention from 1967 to 1968. The group recorded their first album with her, their repertoire at the time consisting largely of American singer-songwriter works plus a few originals.

After Fairport Convention Dyble performed with Giles, Giles and Fripp, a group that would later become King Crimson. Later she was one half of the duo Trader Horne with Jackie McAuley, releasing one album, Morning Way in 1969. She also guested on The Incredible String Band's 1968 album The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter (on "The Minotaur’s Song") and on G.F. Fitz-Gerald's 1970 album "Mouseproof".

From 1973 onwards Dyble left the music business to work as a librarian, but has recently begun performing again, and released a new album, Enchanted Garden in 2004, followed by Spindle and The Whorl in 2006.

I had the pleasure of Judy Dyble singing on a version I rearranged of Syd Barrett’s ‘See Emily Play’ in the late 1970s and, recently, she has re-released a new version of that track. She still records wonderful music put out on CD with her unmistakable vocal sound!

Melanie 13

Melanie Anne Safka-Schekeryk (born February 3, 1947 in Astoria, New York City) is an American singer-songwriter.

Usually known professionally simply as Melanie, she is best known for her hits, "Brand New Key", "Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)" and "What Have They Done To My Song, Ma?". Melanie has sold over 25 million records over the course of her career.

Although we have never met, she is still an inspiration to me!

Roger Waters 14

George Roger Waters (born September 6, 1943) is an English rock musician; singer, guitarist, bassist, songwriter, and composer. He is best known for his 1965-1985 career with the band Pink Floyd (he was credited as their main songwriter, after the departure of Syd Barrett), bass player and one of their lead vocalists (along with David Gilmour and, to a lesser extent, Rick Wright). He was also the lyrical mastermind behind many of the band's concept albums, especially The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall, and The Final Cut, and their well known symbols including the Pink Floyd Pigs and the marching hammers.

I am happy to say that I spent a wonderful few weeks on holiday in Los Angeles with Roger and his (then) wife, Caroline, back in 1978.

Steve Took 15

Took was born Stephen Ross Porter in Eltham, London. He took his name from the hobbit Peregrin Took in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. At the age of 17 he answered an advert in Melody Maker for the electric band that Marc Bolan was forming called Tyrannisaurus Rex.

I had the pleasure of working with Steve Took on a few projects including the first version of ‘Steppenwolf’ with Robert Calvert - they both played the bongos on this original recording. When he was interviewed by the music press about our working together in the mid 1970’s, he actually said “I was a bit strange” and coming from him, that was some praise!!

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