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I have been a professional composer for over 20 years. In that time many people, who have known me and have recognised me as being a 'visual' composer, have suggested that I release an album which contains some of the work I have written for Film and TV. With this Album that request has been answered, with thirty minutes of TV, Film and Theatre music and the inclusion of tracks from all my albums.

Album Track Titles :-

1. The Call

2. Hot Nights in the Bush

3. In the Shadow of the City

4. Earthrise

5. Salmon Leap

6. The Day of the Elephant

7. Amazon Revisited

8. Mafia Wars

9. Driving Force

10. Inti Warmis

11. Further and Further In...

12. On the Eastern Trail

13. Thailight

14. The Great Reef

15. Rio-Rio

16. Marathon

17. Sunrise

18. Fire Dance

19. Moving

20. Captain Slaughterboard

21. The Olympiad

22. The Wasteland

23. The Vision

24. Suffer the Children

25. The Procession of the Grail Keepers

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