Distances Between Us

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Originally released in 1974 by Atlantic Records, this reworked album dedicated to Robert Calvert contains extra tracks and deals with rebirth as a reflection of the composers earlier experiences.

The Album contains a unique and unreleased single written by Adrian Wagner and Robert Calvert and co-produced by Richard Elan called 'Stranger in a Strange Land' taken from the Robert Heinlein story of the same name.

Album Track Titles :-

1. Distances Between Us

2. Lying-Waiting-Dreaming-Thinking...

3. Born from the Womb into a Sea of Life...

4. Messengers of Morpheus

5. Stranger in a Strange Land

6. Amazon Woman

7. Solstice

8. Mourning Glory

9. Steppenwolf

10.Music of the Spheres


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