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Art in all forms has always accompanied my music. The way I treat a new painting is little different to me than composing a piece of music and there is nothing I like more than to merge the two forms. In that way, I suppose you might say that this is an obsessive passion which has been with me all my life!

I was lucky enough in my teens to be able to attend art school as a normal part of my schoolwork at the Kings School, Canterbury alongside my music training. In this foundation course I was given access to so many different disciplines from paintings in oils through to photography and design. This enabled me to produce a set of unique music/poetry/arts workshops and performances which toured art colleges and centres and me into co-organising events in the Cockpit Theatre and other art centres in London together with a full arts festival called ‘Wake Up Folkestone’ (WUF).

In the 1970’s, through my involvement with rock and principally, psychedelic/progressive music, I started to develop and work with a number of visual groups and artists including The Other Side, The Coming, Arthur Brown, Robert Calvert of Hawkwind. This enabled me to merge music, poetry, dance and drama with visual effects on stage to produce a sort of visual rock music theatre.

At the end of the 1970’s, I was lucky enough to own one of the first generations of Apple Computers and from this, I started to work with fledgeling computer graphics and arts software. Throughout the 1980’s I was able to use these techniques and the creative freedom that the computer allows to produce many music album covers. There then followed a long period of waiting for the right tools to come along with computer technology and software.

In 2000, happily, this coincided with a most traumatic event in my life when I was diagnosed with diabetes and severe neuropathy which has left me a little disabled.  However, it has allowed me to take up painting again and work more closely in a multimedia way which uses a mix of computer and abstract style with the traditional forms of painting and drawing. The most important thing to me is in it’s completion and whether the art really works at the end of the day with whatever technique that has been used to create it!

Over the past 8 years, I have tried to produce an eclectic body of work that reflects my obsessive passions. As well as being able to reflect this wonderful place here in Wales, several related themes accompany my art and have enabled me to produce a number of painting and limited edition print series based upon the Celtic and the Sacred that have also been such strong influences in parallel with my music.

This has just culmonated with a new feature length Art/Music film called ‘Rays of Light’ which has taken 8 years to complete alongside International best selling writer John Sharkey providing a truly evocative script. The 'Rays of Light' film combines computer motion painted techniques with my paintings and music.

Adrian Wagner, F. Comp. ASMC. 2009.

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