Wildlife Textures Series of A3 Prints

I would like to introduce you to my series of prints called 'Wildlife Textures'. These paintings have been created by very close examination of the animal's skin or fur; looked at, as it were, from the flea's point of view! I have always found it fascinating how so many species of animals have such distinct and disparate colours, textures and feel. In this series I have attempted to paint the skin and fur patterns in a purely artistic way to define each animal's unique characteristic. Finally, an interesting game that can be played when the prints are hung is to ask your friends what animal they belong to since only you will know each painting's title!

All Adrian Wagner's A3 Prints are now available directly through the new link buttons to PayPal.

Price £14.95 includine Free postage to anywhere in the World

Each Print is printed on the highest quality paper using pigment ink and every print is signed and dated on the reverse by the Artist.

To purchase any of these prints (one at a time I am afraid!) just press on the PayPal button below

and follow the link and email me the title and code of the print you require:-

African Elephant WT01

Buffalo WT02

Cheetah WT03

Cougar WT04

Giraffe WT05

Hippopotamus WT06

Hyena WT07

Leopard WT08

Lion Cub WT09

Lion WT10

Waterbuck WT11

Zebra WT12 

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