Naked And Sacred Series of the Sensual and Erotic A3 Prints

I would like to introduce you to my series of prints called 'Naked and Sacred'. Having spent so many years visiting these Sacred Places and trying to understand their pure spiritual beauty, I was inspired to represent them in a new way by reflecting their more sensual character. It should not go unnoticed that many of these sites where the stones have been exposed were originally 'covered' over by earth and peat. It is therefore apt that these paintings mirror the beauty of the feminine form. Also, many of these paintings have a quite deliberate humorous appeal to compliment their erotic nature!

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Each Print is printed on the highest quality paper using pigment ink and every print is signed and dated on the reverse by the Artist.

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Bathing in the Pool 01

By the Well 02

Callanish Delights 03

Dancing in Stonehenge 04

Dreaming of Brodgar 05

Enticement at Long Meg 06

Expectation through the Stone 07

Fair Maids of Callanish 08

Frolics at Pentra Ifan 09

Gathering in the Barrow 10

Gazing into Lands End 11

Hebridean Shores 12

Hidden in the Water Garden 13

Hide and Seek at Callanish 14

In Praise of Brodgar 15

Joys of Stenness 16

Locked in the Quoit 17

Love of Janus 18

MacCleod’s Dream 19

Mulfra’s Maid 20

Out of the Cave 21

Out from the Well 22

Relaxing amongst the Stones 23

Sitting by the Waters 24

Sitting in the Stones 25

Skara Brae Birthing Room 26

Standing in the Stones 27

Stonerise at Callanish 28

Taking the Waters 29

Temptation at Gallarus 30

Waiting at Chun 31

Waterfall of Desire 32

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